BLMLA-Led People’s Budget LA Coalition Endorses Yes on Measure J in the Upcoming Election

The Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles-led People’s Budget LA coalition is proud to join unions, faith leaders and organizations, civil rights advocates, and grassroots leaders in endorsing Measure J. County Measure J will fund community-focused alternatives to traditional incarceration — is closely aligned with People’s Budget LA’s goals of establishing community-based, community-focused, and collectively-reimagined public investment and public safety.  

For years, LA County has used its budget to extract money from Black, Indigenous and Brown communities. The County has allocated money, specifically, to programs that have exacerbated their systematic marginalization and oppression.

Measure J is a true people-focused solution, authored by grassroots organizations from LA County’s most impacted communities. Its goal is to dismantle systemic racism by investing in jobs, housing and health care — not incarceration. 

Passing Measure J would serve as an important shift in the LA County budgeting process by amending the County Charter. We look forward to the future that Measure J will help us create. 

The People’s Budget LA coalition, which has been outspoken against the city’s excessive LAPD budget, recognizes that spending heavily on law enforcement and jails doesn’t keep our communities safe. We are committed to reimagining public safety and investing in transformative approaches that uplift impacted communities.

The People’s Budget LA coalition urges all Los Angeles County voters to vote Yes on J in this upcoming election.

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