Tuesday, December 8

10am LA City Council

Throughout the year, City Council receives reports on the city’s financial status from the CAO’s office. They are hearing this report and the Budget and Finance Committee’s recommendations for how to adjust the budget. There are several major changes to the budget, including significant budget cuts, layoffs and furloughs.

Call In for Public Comment
  • Call 669-254-5252
  • Use Meeting ID 160-535-8466 and then press #
  • Press # again when prompted for participant ID
  • Press *9 to request to speak
  • Press *6 to unmute when called on
Talking Points

Ask to speak on Item 28 and give general public comment.

Item 28
Comment on the CAO’s report and the proposed budget changes

  • Bring People’s Budget back to the table. Why is the budget process so opaque? We need participatory budgeting.
  • We need depts like housing, aging, disability, fire and transportation to have full funding. We cannot cut these vital services.
  • Put money towards care for the people. Care comes from stable housing, food, healthcare and financial support.
  • Access to resources, green space, food, child support, health care, and housing are what keep our cities and our people safe. Police do not. 
  • Budgets are a direct reflection of a city’s priorities. This city has consistently spent more money to police its people and keep us incarcerated than it has on providing us with services or care. In California we spend 6x more per incarcerated person than we do per student. 
Graphics to Spread the Word
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