Participatory budgeting is essential to democratic governance. It is especially important to centering those communities that have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised.

We have developed a new Participatory Budget Pledge so candidates can demonstrate their commitment to the participatory budgeting process.
View Our Participatory Budget Pledge

We demand that the Mayor and City Council prioritize care NOT cops. We demand drastic changes to LA’s budget.

DEFUND THE POLICE: 54% of the unrestricted General Fund is currently allocated to LAPD. We demand that City Council and the Mayor disinvest from the police. We want a budget that invests in our priorities and needs. We know that the police do not make our communities safe—we want services that help and strengthen our communities. Recently, both Mayor Garcetti and City Council have unveiled proposals to cut the LAPD’s funds by up to $150 million; don’t be fooled, this would still leave over half our budget going to policing. We demand more. Learn more about police spending

ADOPT A PEOPLE’S BUDGET: City Council and the Mayor can still make changes to the budget. We engaged in a participatory process, listened to the community, and came up with our own People’s Budget to reflect what Angelenos truly want. The results are clear: we want more low-income housing and more services for unhoused Angelenos; more mental health services; rent suspension and cancellation during this pandemic; more funding for public schools and resources to ensure all students can continue learning during these uncertain times; and investments directly benefiting Black communities. We want human-centered services. We do not want more police. Read the People’s Budget proposal

Now more than ever, we need a budget centered on humanity.

The People’s Budget LA is a coalition convened by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles. The coalition includes community organizations, faith leaders, parents, teachers, students, nonprofit leaders, and individuals from across Los Angeles. Read more about the coalition and sign up for BLMLA’s newsletter

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