Monday, July 6

Twitter Storm 12pm – 1pm

The Los Angeles Police Protective League
Twitter: @LAPPL

(Please continue to tag @MayorOfLA — Mayor Eric Garcetti — where applicable. See sample tweets for examples.)

The LAPPL is a narrow special interest group that bills itself as a union. In reality, it is the lobbying arm of the LAPD. It exists to protect the LAPD pension system, the LAPD budget, and LAPD officers from being prosecuted for their crimes. The LAPPL donates a lot of money to our city’s elected officials — some of the graphics below detail the amounts given to the Mayor and to each of our city council members. For more information on the LAPPL, visit this page.

Please note: the LAPPL may (will likely) block you on Twitter — make sure to get your tweets out in as quick succession as possible in order to make it more difficult for them to do so.

Monday, July 6 from 12pm-1pm.
Please don’t begin early — we want to make sure that we amplify this @BLMLA tweet (will be linked Monday at 11:55 am) — but you can and should continue to tweet after 1 pm.

We want your followers to sign our Color of Change petition to demand that Los Angeles #DefundThePolice and, instead, provide care and resources to all Angelenos. The LAPPL is a major obstacle to defunding the police and reimagining public safety  — our goal is to highlight this.

Our *new* hashtag:

Please make sure to also use our existing hashtags to tie this storm back to our campaign:

IMPORTANT: Please retweet this @BLMLA tweet before tweeting anything else.


  1. Retweet this @BLMLA tweet. This should be the first thing you do as part of this twitter storm!

  2. The Los Angeles Police Protective League @LAPPL is a narrow special interest group + the lobbying arm of LAPD. Our electeds give them a seat at the table, but not us. @MayorOfLA and City Council, NO MORE. #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. #PeoplesBudgetLA

  3. The Los Angeles Police Protective League @LAPPL has donated $$$ to election campaigns + electeds have rubber stamped LAPD’s budget for yrs. @MayorOfLA + City Council: Who do you protect? #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. #ReimaginePublicSafety w a #PeoplesBudgetLA

  4. It’s clear that @MayorOfLA and City Council care more about the priorities of LAPD lobbyers at the @LAPPL than they do the priorities of the people. Join #PeoplesBudgetLA and tell @MayorOfLA and City Council to #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. Sign on @

  5. The Los Angeles Police Protective League spends $ on election campaigns + lobbies to protect LAPD pensions + budget. We’re asking @MayorOfLA + City Council to prioritize LA people, not @LAPPL. #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. Sign the #PeoplesBudgetLA petition:

  6. We need @MayorOfLA to #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. He needs to prioritize us, not the LA Police Protective League @LAPPL, whose sole interests are protecting LAPD pensions, LAPD budget + LAPD officers that commit crimes. Sign the #PeoplesBudgetLA petition:

  7. What is the Los Angeles Police Protective League? @LAPPL is a narrow special interest group that lobbies our politicians to protect the LAPD budget, pension + officers. But electeds need to #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. Sign the #PeoplesBudgetLA petition:

You can write your own tweets too, but please make sure to use our messaging (as described above) and attach this link:


Please prioritize using the link ( over using these graphics. We recommend you use the graphics in replies to your own tweets.

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