People’s Budget 2020-21

We present the following proposed priorities for the City of Los Angeles 2020-21 budget. This report was created through a participatory public process. You can also explore the data by race, gender, sexuality, employment status and council district.

Proposed Budget Priorities 2020-21 (2nd Edition)

Excerpts from the 2nd Edition

This report details our findings and presents a People’s Budget alternative to the Mayor’s proposed 2020-21 budget. Our document and data both reveal a clear referendum: invest in universal needs (e.g., housing security, public health/health care, mental health and wellness, etc.) and divest from traditional forms of policing.

Here’s a summary of our methodology and results:

  • Tens of thousands of people were engaged in the drafting of the People’s Budget. This includes 24,426 Angelenos who took our survey, which was distributed by over 50 organizations; 3,300 participants who engaged in our participatory budgeting process in real time on May 24, 2020 (via Zoom and Facebook Live); over 10,000 viewers who have watched that session after-the-fact; and thousands more who have dialogued with us on social media and in other forums.
  • The top priorities for investment include housing, public health and healthcare, child and youth development, food security, public transportation, and environmental justice.
  • The top priorities for divestment include parking enforcement, police and policing, and the City Attorney’s Office.
  • The People’s Budget allocates just 1.64% of general funds to law enforcement and policing – far less than one-tenth of the 54% given to the LAPD in the Mayor’s proposed budget. 
  • The People’s Budget allocates the largest amount of money to Universal Aid and Crisis Management (45.61%), followed by Built Environment (27.61%), then Reimagined Community Safety (25.06%), and finally Law Enforcement and Police (1.64%). These categories are further defined below.

The People’s Budget Allocations

People’s Budget Proposal
Universal Aid and Crisis Management45.61%
Built Environment27.61%
Reimagined Community Safety25.06%
Law Enforcement and Policing1.64%

The Mayor’s Budget Allocations

Mayor’s Budget Proposal
Public Works7.7%
Recreation & Parks6.1%
City Attorney3.1%
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