People’s Public Comment

Saturday, June 27 from 10am-12pm (Drop-In Session)
The Mayor and City Council need to go much farther in taking action to defund the police. Drop in Saturday morning and share your thoughts in our open public comment space.

Prioritizing The Voices of The Historically Criminalized and Marginalized

While everyone’s voice is crucial to achieving real and meaningful change in this critical moment, we’d like to UPLIFT and PRIORITIZE all Angelenos whose VOICES ARE STILL NOT BEING HEARD—especially those who have been historically criminalized and marginalized by racist law enforcement.

Join us and let your stories be heard as to why we must #DefundthePolice and demand that $150 million is not nearly enough!

Key Messages

  • $150M is not enough of a cut out of a $3.1B budget
  • We want to see community-led implementation of public safety
  • Police aren’t the answer to over-policing
  • We don’t want community safety partnerships, we want community-driven answers
  • Please close your statement with “Defund the police and support a People’s Budget”
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