City Council Public Comment Instructions

Next Meeting: Monday, June 22 at 10am
City Council Budget and Finance Committee Meeting
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To Watch the Meeting

Watch via Livestream

To Give Public Comment

  1. Call 669-254-5252
  2. Use Meeting ID No. 161-829-4030, then press #
  3. Press # again when prompted for participant ID
  4. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak

Call in at 10am to secure your place in the queue
Be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes for the meeting to start as they’ve been starting meetings late.
Prepare to be kicked off the line while on hold and be forced to call back in. Try to do so before the queue is opened up. Stay on the line until you are told you have been unmuted, and be prepared to speak.
Ask to speak on Items 2, 20 and/or give General Public Comment. (You will get one minute per item and one minute for General Public Comment. Review the agenda here.)
When you hear “You have been unmuted,” that means you are going to be allowed to speak shortly.
– One you hear this on your phone, make sure to turn off the meeting stream (or silence it) so there is no background audio. Remember: There is a delay between calls and the stream—you will finish speaking before your comment ends on the screen

Talking Points

For General Public Comment or Item 2:

  1. Defund the police. Cutting it by $150M is not nearly enough. (LAPD budget this year is $3.1B)
  2. City Council should adopt the People’s Budget

Add your own story, what you care about and what you want to see them fund.

For Item 20:

3. Don’t add funding for LAPD programs. Now is the time to divest in LAPD. Invest in communities without LAPD involvement.

Toolkit for Social Media

Help amplify the cause! Share why you care and retweet messages that resonate with you using #PeoplesBudgetLA


Review the meeting agenda here

Find our references on the budget here

See what others are saying on Twitter #peoplesbudgetLA

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