People’s Budget Townhall

Join us for a town hall on Saturday, July 18 from 10am-12pm to help shape emergency response.

This town hall will be held in person and livestreamed on BLMLA’s Instagram.

Note: For those attending in person, we are prioritizing making space for Black and Brown residents of South Central, Watts and the surrounding communities. We will have chairs but consider bringing your own if you want to ensure you have a seat.

Saturday, July 18
Norman Houston Park
4800 South La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90008

You can also join us online @BLMLosAngeles

On Saturday, July 18 from, People‚Äôs Budget LA will host a Town Hall to discuss new ways of approaching emergency response in LA. With the Wesson/Martinez motion to provide an alternative to police for non-violent emergencies, the public has a chance to weigh in and offer their experience and ideas about what this could look like. This is a listening session where community and elected leaders can hear those ideas.

This town hall will take place in person at Norman Houston Park and will also be broadcast on Instagram.

What options should we have for responding to emergencies?

Join us for a #PeoplesBudgetLA Town Hall about your ideas for a new model of emergency response on Saturday, July 18 from 10am-12pm

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