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Mayor Garcetti’s proposed cut to the LAPD budget is too little, too late. And just like his budget process, this decision was made without community input or consideration. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t agree to it, and we don’t want it. What DO we want? We want to him to actually listen to what Angelenos are asking for. We want him to #DefundThePolice.

Automatically Generated Tweets:

Mayor Garcetti made his police state budget w/o community input. We called him out.

He proposed budget cuts without community input + ignored #PeoplesBudgetLA. So we’re calling him out again.

@MayorOfLA: Your cuts are too little, too late. #DefundThePolice.

.@MayorOfLA can’t seem to figure it out: we don’t want his “cuts,” we want him to #DefundThePolice. Eric: your cuts are too little, too late.


Not sure why @MayorOfLA thinks that his “cuts” will placate the public that’s STILL calling on him to #DefundThePolice and pass a #PeoplesBudgetLA. There’s a HUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE difference between a 4.75% cut and a 98% (making LAPD 1.64% of budget) cut.

Does @MayorOfLA think he’s a good leader bc he cut the LAPD budget increase while leaving it with >51% of unrestricted funds? Or is he so out of touch that he can’t see that the @BLMLA-led #PeoplesBudgetLA coalition call to #DefundThe Police is serious?

The @MayorOfLA’s budget cut is not impressive. It’s a sad attempt at pretending he’s doing something measurable. It leaves the LAPD with >1/2 of the city’s unrestricted funds. @MayorOfLA, we see you, + will hold you accountable until you #DefundThePolice. LA won’t stop until Garcetti supports a #PeoplesBudgetLA that will #DefundThePolice.

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