About People’s Budget LA

For the past five years, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) and its allies have been protesting the City’s outsized funding of LAPD. Historically, funding for LAPD has hovered around 50% of the general fund budget. The most recent iteration of the City’s budget is particularly unacceptable; LA mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed a budget that includes a marked increase — $200 million — to LAPD overtime, despite clear and measurable decreases in crime.

In this proposed budget, the LAPD will drain 54% of the general fund, while other departments experience furloughs, pay and budget cuts. Mayor Garcetti has chosen to increase LAPD funding, at a time when Angelenos have made clear this does not align with their priorities and concerns. The City’s unemployment rate continues to rise. Many of its approximately 2 million renters are struggling to pay rent. 58,000 of our unhoused comrades remain on the streets. Incarcerated folx are not being released, though the risk of contracting COVID-19 is greater in congregate and institutionalized living settings. Garcetti has chosen to ignore these pressing concerns, furlough 16,000 non-police municipal workers, cut funding to services, and funnel more (and unnecessary) money towards the police department.

The People’s Budget LA Coalition is led by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles.

The following organizations are members of the People’s Budget Coalition. If your organization would like to sign on, please fill out this form.

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