Defund the police. Reimagine public safety.

The People’s Budget LA is a coalition led by BLMLA demanding a city budget that invests in the wellbeing of our communities with priority on supporting the underserved and marginalized.

The 2021-22 People’s Budget is now out!

Our Demands

We demand that the Mayor and City Council make drastic changes to LA’s budget, including a new approach to public safety and substantial investments in Black and Brown communities.

Defund the police
46% of the unrestricted General Fund is currently allocated to LAPD. We demand that City Council and the Mayor disinvest from the police.

Adopt a People’s Budget
We have engaged in a participatory process, listened to the community, and came up with our own People’s Budget to reflect what Angelenos truly want.



Now more than ever, we need a budget centered on humanity.

History and Progress

  • 2013-Present
    The Foundation of The People’s Budget

    BLMLA and allies repeatedly sounded the alarm on outsized spending on LAPD. Over 618+ people have been killed by police in LA County during this time.

  • April 2020
    Black LA Demands
    BLMLA and more than 50 Black Los Angeles community leaders released the Black LA Demands, calling for investments to ensure Black residents have resources in light of COVID-19.

  • May 2020
    2020 People’s Budget Coalition Forms
    BLMLA convened The People’s Budget LA coalition. People’s Budget survey released and community town halls commence.

  • May 25, 2020
    George Floyd murdered by police in Minneapolis. #DefundThePolice becomes clarion call.

  • June 2020
    City Council Presentation

    BLMLA and The People’s Budget LA coalition presented the results of the survey, town halls and years of research to LA City Council. City Council responded with several policy proposals.

  • July-September 2020
    Town Halls and Direct Action
    BLMLA and The People’s Budget LA coalition continued to hold town halls and organize direct actions to inform how public safety policy moves forward.

  • October 2020
    Participatory Budgeting Pledge

    People’s Budget Coalition launches a Participatory Budgeting Pledge which candidates sign to commit to holding a participatory budgeting process.

  • January-April 2021
    Town Halls and Participatory Budgeting
    BLMLA and The People’s Budget LA coalition continued to hold town halls and gather input on how the budget should be shaped.

  • April 2021
    Preparing Budget Proposal

    People’s Budget LA Coalition released a survey and has prepared the 2021-22 People’s Budget.

  • May 2021
    Budget Advocacy

    People’s Budget LA Coalition will continue budget advocacy as City Council meets to make recommendations about the mayor’s budget


The People’s Budget LA is a coalition convened by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles. The coalition includes community organizations, faith leaders, parents, teachers, students, nonprofit leaders, and individuals from across Los Angeles.

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