Who are the Los Angeles Police Protective League?

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) call themselves a union but they are a lobbying arm for the LAPD. Their work includes hefty donations to local politicians, influencing elections, protecting bad cops and blocking the prosecution of killer cops.

Who are they protecting? It’s not the people of Los Angeles. Learn more about the LAPPL on this page and sign our petition to stop their harmful work, to continue defunding the police and to focus instead on investing in our communities.

About the Los Angeles Police Protective League

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) represents the interests of the LAPD. They negotiate contracts for police officers and make sure police officers are protected from accountability (like misconduct and complaints). While they call themselves a union, over the years, they have proven themselves to be largely a political influence organization.

They operate their own PAC (political action committee) and donate millions to local politicians including DA Jackie Lacey and the majority of City Council. As a result, they heavily influence political decisions including pressuring Lacey to not prosecute killer cops, pressuring the Mayor to increase their budget and pressuring City Council to vote in accordance with their interests.

What The LAPPL Has To Do With The People’s Budget

The Los Angeles Police Protective League is the most significant lobbying force behind the Mayor and City Council’s actions. Because elected officials need to raise a lot of money to win elections and because the LAPPL will spend millions to support or oppose your campaign, they play an outsized role in how our local government functions.

This includes how much of our city budget we spend on LAPD.

Quick Facts

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The Los Angeles Police Protective League is protecting the police, not the people. Sign our petition and help us stop them from influencing politicians with their monetary donations. Help us make the voices of the people louder than the sound of money.

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